Christian Dior Ready-to-Wear F/W 20

The Christian Dior show opened with a tailored pantsuit, Chiuri went the extra mile creating the Dior most informal and relaxed collection , an elevation of the casual.

“When women strike the world stops.” Chiuri said, as always the designers used her runaway to support her ideas about humanity and deliver messages to empower women.


In a sort of homage, on the runway today there were logo puffers, denim jackets and jeans, jumpsuits in cotton or leather, fishnets and combat boots. The season’s message tee read, “I Say I,” a phrase lifted from the Italian critic and activist Carla Lonzi that is more or less the 1970s equivalent of the millennial “you do you.” In this collection as always, Maria Grazia focused on featuring the attitude and character of the women wearing the clothes. 

Through feminism I freed myself from the inferiority-culpability of being clitoridian … and I accused men of everything. Then I started to doubt myself and to defend myself through every possible thought and inquiry into the past. Then I doubted myself completely in rivers of tears … After that I was no longer innocent or guilty.
Carla Lonzi, Taci, anzi parla1

Dolce & Gabbana Ready to Wear F/W 20

Following an intense weekend dominated by coronavirus panic, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana finished Milan fashion week with a celebration of the artisans they always depended on to produce their pieces.

During the show, Black-and-white videos of il calzolaio (the shoemaker), la sarta (the seamstress), la magliaia (the knitter), la tessitrice (the weaver), la cravattaia (the tie maker), played on  screens to pay tribute to the Italian tradition as  Gabbana said of the collection in a preview. “It’s a tribute through our eyes to tradition.”

In this collection, the designers diverted from their classic style and tended to explore another side of the Italian women, a more softer and intimate side. they recreated the house wear in wool, crochet  and satin.This embrace of artisanship is spreading across fashion, this Dolce and Gabbana collection was heavy on knits. 

This collection is one the best this season I loved every piece and every look. The accessories, the bags and shoes are as always the main highlight of the show, we even saw knitted bags and socks. 

Enjoy the full collection:

Check the full Fashion Show 

Dolce and Gabbana

Elie Saab Couture SS20

Elie Saab couture SS20 was magical. It was far from minimal and celebrated the female form in every way. The collection was everything grand, luxurious and meticulous. 

This collection was royal. Each piece was painted with greatness and nobility. Elie Saab is known to be the sculpturer of feminism. His collection for Spring and Summer 2020 was inspired by the Mexican culture that was visible through the motive and embroidery on each dress. 


The Haute Couture Spring Summer 2020 collection is a mix of both Europe & Mexico with a modern twist. The dresses looked monumental with embroideries and layers of florals and pearls, featured shades of white, cream and blush, with gold detailing, with structured shoulders that added strength to the romantic gowns.

Monochromatic looks in matte fabrics and sensual silhouette added boldness and elegance to the collection in the form of one-color gowns. Maximalism was extended to the accessories with gold and oversized earings and sunglasses decorated with crystals.


                                                                                                                                               xoxo grace …

How to Wear a Men’s Shirt as Dress

Wearing a  Men’s White shirt as a dress is always classic and every season’s trend and also It is sexy and comfy. 

If you can’t find a female style that you like, you can always run straight to your boyfriend or brother’s closet and take the coolest and largest white shirt you can find. I always wear a short lycra invisible cyclist underneath.

To give the look a manly style I add a  statement grandfather long Jacket with an outstanding shoes or Ankle Boots .

In the Photos here, I got a white oversized white shirt from Primark  and paired it with a Long jacket from Caroll Paris and statement Fendi shoes


I also added some vintage silver and gold necklaces that I got from Sultanahmet Old Souk in Istanbul to give an authentic and vintage feel to the outfit.

Would like to know how you style your White Shirt 🙂


                                                             xoxo gracy…

Are Suits Only for Men?

New year’s eve is just around the corner, so you can always do the “new year, new you” earlier and refresh your wardrobe for a warm winter look. The one must-have trend for this fall/winter season is the “Power Suit”.

Power suits tend to live in a controversial space where some women say “we don’t need to dress like men to feel and look powerful and independent” and some others like the look, comfort, and attitude it reflects. After all, who said suits are just for men?

The suit history started in 1914 with Coco Chanel Shaping the Modern Woman.

Coco Chanel was actually one of the first to take menswear designs and repackage them for women. She’s credited with creating the first female suit. Granted, it didn’t include trousers or bow ties, instead, it featured nice fitting jackets with skirts. This definitely opened the door to the idea of wearing more masculine yet elegant and chic outfits.

In 1966 Yve Saint Laurent introduced le smoking, the first tuxedo suit designed for women. At that time tuxedo suits were more a political statement than a Fashion statement.

In 1970 with more and more women entering the workforce and invading the boys’ club, they needed a symbol that proved they were just as serious and competent as the guys riding up the elevator with them to the office. And apparently the only way to convince male-dominated executives is by wearing similar outfits. “The suit represented a serious woman”.

Up until 2010 suits were representing power, gender equality, and independence.  When jeans and sneakers became accepted in the office same as the suit, some executive women kept wearing the suit because in their opinion it is more appropriate for work, while other women felt free to wear whatever they want and express their own style.

Even Giorgio Armani — the granddaddy of power suits himself — was quoted saying, “Women have edged out their standing in the world. Today, they don’t have to wear a suit jacket to prove their authority.”

Personally, I love wearing suits with a feminine touch like statement earrings, high heels, a colored shirt or a nice bag. After all, we dress to reflect our personality and mood. I always take outfits as a piece of art and you will be seeing me wearing a lot of fashionable suits this season

What are you wearing this Winter?