Do you know what 100 calories is about?

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Today I was asked how many pieces of watermelon makes 100 calories, after I researched different items that we frequently use I came up with a list of how many pieces makes a 100 calories; 

Eating healthy won’t necessarly help you loosing weight. We have to eat the right quantity. Take a look on the list below 

100 Rasberry make 100 Calories











4 to 5 small pieces Dark Chocolate make 100 Calories









129 Blueberries make 100 Calories








2 1/2 Cup of Watermelon make 100 Calories









16 Medium pieces of Strawberry make 100 Calories








1 Medium Apple make 100 Calories










1 Medium Pear make 100 Calories








21 Cherries make 100 Calories









24 Grappes make 100 Calories












3/4 spoon of Olive Oil make 100 Calories









28 Small Carrots make 100 Calories










2 small Oranges make 100 Calories











1  medium Banana make 100 Calories










1/2 small Avocado make 100 Calories











You can always be healthy but we also have to be careful with the quantities

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