Do you know what 100 calories is about?

Hi everyone welcome back!

Today I was asked how many pieces of watermelon makes 100 calories, after I researched different items that we frequently use I came up with a list of how many pieces makes a 100 calories; 

Eating healthy won’t necessarly help you loosing weight. We have to eat the right quantity. Take a look on the list below 

100 Rasberry make 100 Calories











4 to 5 small pieces Dark Chocolate make 100 Calories









129 Blueberries make 100 Calories








2 1/2 Cup of Watermelon make 100 Calories









16 Medium pieces of Strawberry make 100 Calories








1 Medium Apple make 100 Calories










1 Medium Pear make 100 Calories








21 Cherries make 100 Calories









24 Grappes make 100 Calories












3/4 spoon of Olive Oil make 100 Calories









28 Small Carrots make 100 Calories










2 small Oranges make 100 Calories











1  medium Banana make 100 Calories










1/2 small Avocado make 100 Calories











You can always be healthy but we also have to be careful with the quantities

Bon Apetite


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La Dordogne Best Villages Day 3

Today is my last day on this beautiful river, the last village we visited is the Domme a beautiful town with views over the river and the countryside.

Don’t forget to enjoy your coffee in the town and walk on the river enjoying the remains of the fortified walls that surrounded parts of Domme, or have a picnic in the jardin public (public Garden) before you go up to the hill.



This trip was my favorite so far, the southwest of France is a must visit for sure, what is your favorite vacation destination?