How to stop giving a damn about other people’s opinions

Practice, focus, worry about yourself, be patient, control your mind.

I remember a time when I used to be deceived by people’s judgements. All it would take is one nasty comment or negative feedback to change my mood and get me upset; however, these reactions started to vanish with years and honestly I don’t care about people’s opinions or expectations anymore. 

Somehow through many ups and down I understood that these negative comments on Social Media and negative feedbacks in Real Life that people feel free to express even without me asking, are residue of lack of self-esteem and confidence from there part and has nothing to do with me.

We always expect integrity from our entourage, but there is a big difference between being honest and being negative. 

Here is how I stopped giving a damn 

Stop Giving a F*ck

In the context of everything, whatever the opinion or problem is, it doesn’t matter. You’re doing the best you can. Most of this negativity comes from people who are hating life and get relieved when seeing someone suffering and sad so they can feel good about themselves. Always remember that a nasty comment or message are coming from a person hiding behind a computer or a phone and will never be able to express himself in person. Negativity will never come out of a person who really loves you and wish you happiness. There are million of nice ways to give an advice without being rude and heartless. SO stop giving a damn about these judgements and start taking control of your own self satisfaction and be confident of how you look and live and start worrying about what really maters.

Don’t Read the Comments Section

The second step is this: don’t read the comments don’t listen to the nasty criticism. I used to worry about the comments section of my blog or social media posts that sometimes make me sick. People can be cruel and they forget to filter what they say. 

You don’t have to read the opinions. You can ignore the feedback and set your own standards for the feedback you pay attention to. Make sure that the people you listen to are worthy and can help you becoming a better version of yourself,  not bring you down with critics they pretend to know so much when they have not really done the thing they are critiquing.

Take Everything Lightly

Don’t be so easily thrown off your game. Perspective is a great  way to calm down your emotions. Everything we watch, read or hear is meant to makes us react. It takes a lot of energy and hard work to maintain your reputation and create a healthy environment around you. Don’t let people suck this energy. Instead take things lightly and focus on your life and put up your efforts and focus to be creative and productive.

You’re Doing the Best You Can

I know opinions might be a little hard to ignore, but the truth is you’re doing the best you can! You’re trying. Worry about your effort, not about the opinions.

Keep going. Do what you LOVE and you are PASSIONATE about. You might not be the best writer or painter or architect … but keep trying you don’t have to be the best, just be YOURSELF the best version of YOURSELF, a happy one.

People always give false first impressions, and many human being we encounter love to hate. So keep working on yourself, training and learning are your best weapons. Improve your skills and get help if you feel you need one. Don’t be ashamed to admit if you have questions or doubts. Just make sure to ask the right person.

It’s better to put your work out into the world than spend your entire life wondering how you’ll be perceived. Perceptions change as your life does.

Get better and you’ll find the critic’s opinions turn into appreciation.



Tips on How to Increase your Focus and Memory Function

“If I make dinner plans for next week there is no way I will remember it if I don’t write it down”

Have you ever faced this horrific situation when you call someone and once they pick up the phone you totally forget why you are even calling? Or when you go to the supermarket or to the kitchen to ask for honey or sugar and you can’t even remember the word? Don’t worry, it happened to me and I started assuming that I am beginning to suffer from Alzheimer’s. So I read about it a lot and discovered that it is all in my head and my lifestyle.

First, let’s understand how memory works

When we take information from the outside world, it goes through the brain to the limbic system. It is a part of the brain made up of several structures such as the hippocampus to store visual memory and the amygdala to store emotional memory. 

Our brain’s ability to store and retrieve or recall information can differ due to many factors in normal levels, including:

  • stress (this increases the level of certain hormones that can affect your memory)
  • alcohol
  • distraction or lack of concentration and inattention
  • instability in memory performance -like those days where you just can’t get your body or mind motivated to go to the gym or anywhere else
  • illness that can cause infections like pneumonia
  • sleep disorder or insomnia

How I got my memory back

So changing our lifestyle is the main factor in getting back our mental health again. Below I listed some changes that I made and some others that I am still working on in order to feel better:

  1. Change your EATING habits. Start eating half a cup of berries and strawberries (full of Antioxidants) two to three times a week.
  2. Eat two to three times a week wild fish that are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids.
  3. Practice good sleep, at least 7.5 hours a day. Avoid caffeine after 2 pm. Go to bed and wake up at the same time everyday. Avoid electronics, texting, and emails one hour before bed.
  4. Exercise at least 2 times a week or walk in nature, swim or take a walk on the beach.
  5. Have a ME TIME
  6. Make a list and organize your day, make your notebook your companion.
  7. Find a new hobby. I started cooking, it makes me so relaxed and focused.
  8. Cut back on sugar and carbohydrates and introduce a healthy diet to your routine such as grains and food high in fiber.
  9. Listen to music that makes you happy and relaxed. My sleeping playlist is chillout and instrumental music 
  10. Learn a new language. I still didn’t start with this step yet, but I am planning on learning Italian or Spanish very soon.
  11. Avoid alcohol and soft drinks, drink water and tea instead.
  12. I eat a banana before I go to sleep, IT works.
  13. I try to avoid distractions when I am focusing on something. One thing I did and really worked is that I created a corner for me where I have my laptop and notebook and trained myself that every time I am working or need to concentrate I move to this corner and focus.

I hope this blog really helps and motivates you in having a healthier lifestyle. If you have any additional questions, feel free to write them in the comments below.


                                                                                                            xoxo gracy…