Most Charming Hotel in Old Town Dubrovnik


 Today, we had a good weather here in Austria and we finally had some sun. It reminded me of a breezy summer night. It made me wonder where would I go after June 15th when the European borders open again and Croatia, the magical city with the nicest beaches and best food, came to my mind.

Last summer I visited Dubrovnik and it was a trip to remember.  Dubrovnik

When I first arrived, I stayed at a beachfront hotel outside the old city, before I cruise to Montenegro.

however, when I came back I wanted to experience the night inside the walls and I picked the most charming boutique hotel in the city.

So today I am sharing with the St Josephโ€™s Guesthouse, a 16th century former noblemanโ€™s home carefully renovated to balance Dubrovnikโ€™s history with luxury for you to consider in case you decided to visit Dubrovnik this summer.

This hotel is perfect for a romantic city break and great to explore the Old town rich history. 


What are your summer plans ??