How to Wear a Men’s Shirt as Dress

Wearing a  Men’s White shirt as a dress is always classic and every season’s trend and also It is sexy and comfy. 

If you canโ€™t find a female style that you like, you can always run straight to your boyfriend or brotherโ€™s closet and take the coolest and largest white shirt you can find. I always wear a short lycra invisible cyclist underneath.

To give the look a manly style I add a  statement grandfather long Jacket with an outstanding shoes or Ankle Boots .

In the Photos here, I got a white oversized white shirt from Primark  and paired it with a Long jacket from Caroll Paris and statement Fendi shoes


I also added some vintage silver and gold necklaces that I got from Sultanahmet Old Souk in Istanbul to give an authentic and vintage feel to the outfit.

Would like to know how you style your White Shirt ๐Ÿ™‚


                                                             xoxo gracy…

Fendi Spring/Summer 2020

โ€œYou think of the practicality of things,โ€ said Venturini Fendi. โ€œI want women to feel natural and good in these clothes.โ€

Is it just me or everyone agree that Fendi SS20 collection is the best so far. Loved every piece, every look and every accessory.

This collection was the first after Lagerfeld, it was comfortable and featured double faced jackets, floral print, robe-jackets, wrap dresses, trenches and big size bags and not a single high heel in the show.