Christian Dior Ready-to-Wear F/W 20

The Christian Dior show opened with a tailored pantsuit, Chiuri went the extra mile creating the Dior most informal and relaxed collection , an elevation of the casual.

“When women strike the world stops.” Chiuri said, as always the designers used her runaway to support her ideas about humanity and deliver messages to empower women.


In a sort of homage, on the runway today there were logo puffers, denim jackets and jeans, jumpsuits in cotton or leather, fishnets and combat boots. The season’s message tee read, “I Say I,” a phrase lifted from the Italian critic and activist Carla Lonzi that is more or less the 1970s equivalent of the millennial “you do you.” In this collection as always, Maria Grazia focused on featuring the attitude and character of the women wearing the clothes. 

Through feminism I freed myself from the inferiority-culpability of being clitoridian … and I accused men of everything. Then I started to doubt myself and to defend myself through every possible thought and inquiry into the past. Then I doubted myself completely in rivers of tears … After that I was no longer innocent or guilty.
Carla Lonzi, Taci, anzi parla1