Rami Kadi Couture SS20 first Cyber Show

Rami Kadi’s newest collection contemplates the possibilities of restoring harmony in the world through waves of good energy, in the first cyber-show in the Middle East.

The Couture SS20 collection celebrates life and beauty through layers, textures and patterns creating the balance and harmony that the designer is trying to interpret through  designs filled with magical stones, crystals and fine embroidery; the collection is modern, reflecting the

 young and dynamic energy and soul of the designer

Rami Kadi’s Couture Spring-Summer 2020 comes at a point in time where world events are accelerating, and where climate change is relentless is in its pace and effects. The question becomes: is it still possible to reconcile the true with the beautiful? 

Rami quest of beauty is beyond a beautiful face or figure, “The beautiful does not need embellishment, nor does it need filters. The beautiful is free-standing, and it is one and the same with reality. This is why only transparency is worthy of the beautiful. My quest is enhancing the beauty of what is real through transparency.” said the designer.

Couture SS 2020 makes use of sequins with different shapes and colours, as well as metallic laser-cut sequin sheets, crystal stones, coloured feather, tulle layers, prints on sequins, and printed 3D organza. The overall is a wild adventure of materials and feels that takes us into uncharted territories.Worth stopping at the fact that Couture SS 2020 features the first dress made completely from recycled plastic, in reference to the idea of turning the bad into good, and to the idea of environmental sustainability that permeates throughout the collection.

Enjoy the full collection …

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Fendi Spring/Summer 2020

“You think of the practicality of things,” said Venturini Fendi. “I want women to feel natural and good in these clothes.”

Is it just me or everyone agree that Fendi SS20 collection is the best so far. Loved every piece, every look and every accessory.

This collection was the first after Lagerfeld, it was comfortable and featured double faced jackets, floral print, robe-jackets, wrap dresses, trenches and big size bags and not a single high heel in the show.

Interview with Stephane Roland in Paris Spring Summer 2018

“To build the structure of a gown, we have to start with the fundations. It is the backbone that hangs the body”.

I have always admired Stephane Roland, his style is so unique and distingue and always picture women as free, sensual and strong.

“Everything was black-and-white; everything was about volume and contrast. My eyes were trained early on with these concepts and everything I do is about contrast, volume and movement. It’s in my DNA.”

He always captures my attention with his passion for details and movement. Architecture is one of the main inspiration of Stéphane Rolland, he sees couture as work of Art and Science. I was so happy that during my visit to Paris to cover the fashion week, I got the chance to visit Stephane Roland in his Atelier and meet the artist behind this brand.


Did you check Tony Ward First Prét-à-Porter Collection?

Hi everyone welcome back to my blog, this year was so exciting and busy. Covering Paris Fashion is of the most fashionable moment of the year and we all look forward to it. This year I got the chance to meet some great designers, Tony Ward was on top of my list.

Tony Ward son of Elie Ward – a well-known couturier based in Beirut, grew up in the world of Fashion. Graduating from L’ Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne in Paris, France he worked for seven years with Claude Montana at Lanvin, Gianfranco Ferré at Dior and Karl Lagerfeld at Chloé, where he mastered the secrets of Haute Couture techniques before he launched his own brand Tony Ward Couture,  transforming his family’s couture house into an international brand. 

This year, Tony Ward moved to Paris and opened his first Atelier at Rue Saint Honoré where we got the chance to be the first to visit him there, enjoy the interview and if you have any question leave it in the comments below.