Cooking with Chef Frank Widmer

It is my first time in Zurich and I love it. I stayed at the Park Hyatt a very stylish and homey hotel.

During my stay I had the opportunity to meet and cook with an adorable and humble Chef Frank Widmer Executive Chef at Park Hyatt.

It was a fun and entertaining interview I took an hour to learn how to pronounce the name of the dish and still couldn’t (it is very long and hard) but the taste was amazing and rich and the recipe is simple and easy. 

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How to Pick the Perfect Flower decoration with Celebrities Florist Eddie Zaratsian

“Bringing the wow effect to my clients is something I live for. Hearing that gasp! I know that I’ve done my job.” – Eddie Zaratsian


During my last trip to Los Angeles I got the chance to meet with celebrities florist and wedding designer Eddie Zaratsian. This interview was really fun yet so informative and inspiring, hope you all will enjoy it and if you have any question write it in the comment box.

Don’t forget to check Eddie’s youtube Channel for inspiring DIY arrangements,

Youtube: eddie zaratsian lifestyle and design

Instagram: @eddiezaratsian

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