Rami Kadi Couture SS20 first Cyber Show

Rami Kadi’s newest collection contemplates the possibilities of restoring harmony in the world through waves of good energy, in the first cyber-show in the Middle East.

The Couture SS20 collection celebrates life and beauty through layers, textures and patterns creating the balance and harmony that the designer is trying to interpret through  designs filled with magical stones, crystals and fine embroidery; the collection is modern, reflecting the

 young and dynamic energy and soul of the designer

Rami Kadi’s Couture Spring-Summer 2020 comes at a point in time where world events are accelerating, and where climate change is relentless is in its pace and effects. The question becomes: is it still possible to reconcile the true with the beautiful? 

Rami quest of beauty is beyond a beautiful face or figure, “The beautiful does not need embellishment, nor does it need filters. The beautiful is free-standing, and it is one and the same with reality. This is why only transparency is worthy of the beautiful. My quest is enhancing the beauty of what is real through transparency.” said the designer.

Couture SS 2020 makes use of sequins with different shapes and colours, as well as metallic laser-cut sequin sheets, crystal stones, coloured feather, tulle layers, prints on sequins, and printed 3D organza. The overall is a wild adventure of materials and feels that takes us into uncharted territories.Worth stopping at the fact that Couture SS 2020 features the first dress made completely from recycled plastic, in reference to the idea of turning the bad into good, and to the idea of environmental sustainability that permeates throughout the collection.

Enjoy the full collection …

Which Look is your Favorite …


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Stephane Roland F/W 2019 Magical Collection

Stéphane Rolland’s haute couture collection for Fall/Winter 19/20 is a fine and perfect blend of Western and Chinese influences.

This collection was born during his visit to the Forbidden City in China. The concept of this haute couture collection was a combination of ‘the forbidden’ along with the richness of the history of the Chinese empire.

Precious satins, large volumes and Kimono style dresses, the collection was Magical. Deep red dresses, symbolizing vitality in Chinese culture, these pieces gave energy to the collection. Stephane also included his signature geometric models, with clean cuts and architectural volumes. We notice the meticulous embroidery mostly with pearls in addition to giant brooches, placed on a shoulder or worn as a bracelet or ring embellished with crystal or jade stone.

Below are favorite looks, that’s is almost the entire collection:

Elie Saab Couture Show F/W 2019-2020


The ELIE SAAB Autumn/Winter’19-20 Haute Couture collection was inspired from China and East Asia, whose cultures are rich in symbolisms, drawings and stories that have been passed down through generations.

Using his signature embroidery techniques, ELIE SAAB reimagined the traditional Chinese drawings, to create patterns in sequins, diamante and explosions of colour, that are the Maison’s abstract depictions of fauna and flora. Key elements believed to represent powerful protective spirits who watch over those who carry them, like guardian angels.Throughout the collection, strong shapes and volumes are balanced out with softer fabrics, and plays on transparency, that also allow the vibrant and intricate embroidery to pop out, effortlessly drawing a timeless tale of goddesses from one piece to another.Connoting wisdom and elegance, the crane appears as an elongated figure surrounded by floral shapes that adorn long, sleek and structured dresses that overlay tulle, tafta and feathers in plum, gold and powder pink.Expressing a tougher attitude, the carp fuses with wave-like forms on more straight-cut silhouettes in black and gold, with large satin bows tied at the waist, and oversized sleeves that create powerful volume and movement.The dragon makes its protective presence felt, adding a hint of mysteriousness to the woman who bares its forms, from ornate kimono-style jackets, to imperial red and jasmine pieces in rich combinations of velvet and satin.The collection also puts emphasis on blown-up and fan-shaped shoulders, that allude to heavenly wings. Draped sleeves and capes that descend off-the-shoulder, leading into long trains that flow to the ground, create the illusion of angelic forms.The elements masterfully portrayed and delicately stitched to every piece allow this ELIE SAAB Autumn/Winter’19-20 Haute Couture collection to draw from inspiration and imagination, to create its unique take on the undying mysteriousness of women. Women who shine in their softness and elegance, but who are also the embodiments of strength and power, inherited from their divine protectors.

I tried featuring my favorites Looks and I ended up listing the complete collection: 


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             xoxo grace….