La Dordogne Best Villages Day 1

Yesterday the weather is not so great in Paris, so my husband and I decided to explore the villages outside Paris.I googled “must see villages in Paris” and I FOUND it.

We left Paris around 10 am and drove for 6 hours towards SARLAT. This village is not on my list but its centered between the three villages we want to visit.We went around in the village, had dinner and slept early because we had a long day ahead.

At 10 km from Sarlat, we started our day today at Beynac-et-Casenac. When we arrived to this magical village my eyes immediately felt in love with this beautiful sceneries. The unveils it s majestical castle  perched on the top of a limestone cliff.This castle is one of the best preserved and most known in the region . The road up to the Castle is a bit tiering but good for exercise :); however, you will see the most beautiful sceneries your eyes ever experienced. the village is enchanting and when you look down you see the shades of greens laying in the valley.

 The castle was built in the 12th century by the barons of Beynac to close the valley and protect the area.

Really photos doesn’t give justice to this village if you ever want to plan a trip to a remarkable place, Beynac-et-Czenac is really a must see village.

Have you ever visited a Magical village ??


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