Italy: a Dream Come True

Italy has always been special to me. It’s the country in which I found serenity, love, passion and freedom, while walking down the streets of Florence, Milano or the historical city of Rome. However, Tuscany has always been on my mind, and I have never got to visit it until last summer. We drove from the South of France to Florence to meet my friend Mira and her husband and spend a couple of days in this dreamy city.

After my friends left, my husband, and I decided that it was time to visit Tuscany. The concierge recommended Poggio Amorrelli in Sienna.
Finally! The drive was amazing; the sceneries were fascinating as well as the wind, the smell of nature, and the colors of the trees. Well, everything about Tuscany is just perfect.
It usually takes a 50-min drive from Florence to Poggio Amorelli, but it took us almost an hour and 15 min to arrive there, because we stopped a couple of times to contemplate the views.
The moment I set foot in it, it felt like home. Someone greeted us in the parking, then took us inside to the ground floor where he introduced us to the family.
Poggio Amorrelli is a family-owned business managed by the kids of the owner (Check the website:
On the ground floor, there’s a dinning space and a tasting area for groups who like to enjoy good food and wine. In addition, they oak their wine on the same floor.
Then our guide came: He is a wine expert and has worked with the family for a long time now. He took us to the first floor where they have a nice restaurant and a terrace for wine tasting.
We sat on the terrace, because the weather was great and the views were amazing. They gave us a list of products to choose what we wanted to taste. Then they served us lunch with the wine tasting. Trust me, the pasta might not look great in the picture, but it was the best home-made truffle pasta I have ever had.
After we were done, we took a long walk in the vineyard before heading back to Florence.
Cheers 😉

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