How to Create the Dreamiest Bedroom

We spend a quarter of our life in our bedroom, that is why, it is a fact that our bed should offer both comfort and relief and be both inviting and indulgent. It’s certainly the most personal room in the house, which makes it an incredibly intimate and enjoyable space to decorate. All great beds should be as calming and comfortable as possible. Today I will share with you my most important steps and essential elements in creating my dreamiest bedroom.



1. Good Mattress and Pillows:
A good mattress is a long time investment and is the most important element in your bedroom. Always choose a mattress that works best for you, take your time and try it before you buy it. Make sure it is made of an anti-bacterial material and free of fire retardants and toxic foams.
The right pillow make the difference between a great nightโ€™s sleep and a night of turning from one side to the other. Go for the best quality. Take your bed to the next level by adding pillows with different size and shape creating depth and texture.
2. Soft and clean Sheet:
Because bedsheets cover all of your body itโ€™s essential to choose a nontoxic, and soft ones. Pay attention to the quality of the fabrics because sheets always need to look good but it is crucial to also feel good. Organic cottons of high thread counts do make a difference to how relaxing and calming a bed can be.
3. Add Layers:
Add a throw and a couple of accent pillows with different texture, touch and colors to create your personal taste and the room will feel a lot more than just a place to sleep.
4. Your Favorite Smell in Bed:
Put your favorite scented flower, candle or oil on your bedside or console I really do believe in the magic of perfume and scent. My favorites are Jasmine, Rose and Amber.
What are your favorite or essential element in your Bedroom, Plz share with me your thoughts

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