How to choose the right kitchen for you

I always loved trying new recipes and trying good restaurants when I visit a new destination. I like to try new spices and local ingredients and get inspired from the country I’m visiting; however, after filming my lifestyle show and meeting extraordinary chefs, I realized that I have passion for cooking also. So I decided to take my passion further and take cooking classes. But first as I got so excited about it, I decided to buy a new kitchen. For that I visited Abed Tahan and picked my new French style all white kitchen
So I prepared 4 photos I got inspired from and showed to the sales team at Abed Tahan to understand my taste.
So today I received the first design Draft.
Today I am gonna give you some tips to take into consideration before confirming the design
First and most importantly Functionality is the key to a successful kitchen so it’s important to decide on your layout first before you choose fittings and finishes. The more considered your design is, the easier it will be to get the most out of your space.
Include enough storage to comfortably accommodate the items it will hold. Include drawer mechanisms, shelves or dividers to ensure maximum use of space.Choose the right appliances that fit your needs & lifestyle.Check the warranty time.Appliances might be large so, whilst they may not need to take centre stage visually, they must be accommodated for size. If you are buying a huge fridge, work from there for the rest of your floor plan. If it’s a freestanding stove you’re working with, decide on its location then plan your cabinetry around itDon’t forget to include adequate power and charging ports in the adjacent walls.Don’t use glass cabinets close to the stove so you won’t have to clean it every time you cook.
Do you like to cook? Would like to know if you have a special recipe for me to use in my new kitchen soon

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