Dress like a Girl Boss


We are so blessed to live in a era where women have a voice and freedom to speak their mind and become who ever they want.

It is always nice to wear the right outfit to the right place. Flipflop are fun on a Sunday at the beach, but to the office is a big now. Today I am gonna share with you some tips on how to look like a Girl Boss at the office.

1. Know your body type and embrace it, in order to dress well first you have to know your body type and pick the proper outfit with the perfect cuts and silhouettes that highlights your assets and cover your imperfections.
2. Invest in the essential pieces, classical pieces and accessories are a must-have in every wardrobe. Investing in the right pair of shoes, sun glasses and bag or a timeless watch, or the perfect black dress is a long term investment that you will be using for years ahead because classical pieces are always a trend.
3. Find your personal style, trends doesn’t always go with our body types or style. Add some trendy items to your wardrobe that can elevate your style and goes with your body type.

4. No more stereotype, Suits are for man doesn’t work anymore, a well tailored suit, a fitted blazer are the new modern office outfit for sophisticated women.

5. Beauty Section, bad hair or no makeup will ruin the best outfit. You have to learn how to do your own makeup and hair daily, and don’t forget to polish your nails.
6. Attitude is EVERYTHING, Be sure that people will notice your clothes but they will always remember the first impression they got. Self Confidence, elegance and the way you carry yourself are our main elements to be the Woman you want people to remember.

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