Chocolate Heaven at Choco Story Museum Lebanon

Chocolate is always a good idea, specially if it’s a customized one!Choco Story is the first concept and museum  to open in the Middle East and it just landed in Verdun, Beirut.

Choco story, the chocolate museum, is a concept created to expose the story of chocolate and its history, it offers an educational and fun experience for families, children, and chocolate lovers. My adventure begun by learning about the Cacao Tree and fruits. The tree can grow up to fifteen meters but to facilitate the harvesting the farmers cut it at 8 meters. Till today they still us the same tools. Then they told me about the different kind of cacao, The Criollo, highly aromatic beans and only used in producing luxury chocolate and represent 5% of the world chocolate production and comes from Madagascar, Mexico and Venezuela. The Forastero provides more bitter and rougher beans and represent 80% of the world cocoa production and comes mainly from Brazil, Malaysia and west Africa. The Trinitario is a cross between Criollo and Forastero and it is found everywhere but originates from Trinidad and combines the virtues of the two others.

Then another host took me to the section where he explained the origin of the name Cacao and showed me authentic cups and containers used by the mayans. The word cocoa comes from the Spanish word Cacahuatly. I loved Choco Story because as you all know I am interested in history and culture; however, I really enjoyed my time and felt like a kid in wonderland.

My Journey did not end here, I went to the second floor with a third host who explained to me how the Mayans used to crush the Cacao to make the Hot Chocolate and how Christopher Columbus tried it and didn’t like it. Next, another host took me to her section where I learned how they produced sugar to add it to the Chocolate drink. After, in a different section I saw the luxurious Boxes the Nobles used to move the Chocolate from Spain to France. At the end, there is a huge selection of luxurious cups and plates to see and admire.

My favorite stop was the Workshop where I did my own Chocolate Bar and they gave me all the tools to take home so I will have my own chocolate salon to enjoy with my friends.

The Chocostory is a unique concept suitable for kids and adults, Don’t Miss It.Would love to know your opinion once you visit it. Enjoy …
Location: Verdun Lebanon
Facebook: @Chocostorybeirut
Instagram: @chocostorybeirut

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