5 Tips to keep your skin hydrated in Ramadan

Hi everyone welcome back beauties, today is the first day of the holy month and since this year Ramadan is in May, that means hot weather in some areas in the Middle East.
Today I am sharing with you some tips to keep your face glowing and maintain a healthy and hydrated skin in this weather during this holy month
1. Water:
First and most importantly drink a lot of water between Iftar and Sohour, to reserve needed water for the day. Try to drink detox water with slices of lemon and mint.
2. Exfoliate your Skin:
Exfoliate your face one a week and your body twice a week to remove the dead skin. I use the L’or Rose and I always utilize a Moroccan Loufa.
3. Hydrate your face, body and hands:
Use twice a day a good hydrating body cream to keep it moist, I use Eucerin body & foot cream and mix it with coconut oil. As for my face I use La prairie Eye and face cream with Dior Serum (I am addicted to Capture Youth Serum that I have been using for three months now); however, I also take really good care of my hands because they are always exposed to sun, water and pollution, so I use L’Occitane almond cream.
4. Face Mask:
Use twice or even three times a week face mask, I put the retinol sheet mask from Shiseido once a week, I also use the SKii sheet mask once a week and I keep it over night if my skin is dry, and I also use the Sisley for immediate glow before any occasion.
5. Sun Screen:
SUN SCREEN is a must three time a day minimum, and if you are exposed to the sun most of the day make sure to put sun screen every two hours, I like to use Sisheido 50% SPF.
Most importantly always clean your face in the morning and in the evening even if you are not wearing any makeup. Do you have any specific rituals during Ramadan, plz share,
Stay hydrated everyone,
Ramadan Kareem,

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